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Takayuki Akachi

Mexico66 white/orange/black

Trip,旅の1コマ — admin @ 8:27 PM


I saw a cute girl at a hair salons near my hotel. I asked her to become a model for Mexico66.


A 9 years old girl struck fashionable pose aggressively. So, I was embarrassed a little bit…

Mexico66 White/Yellow

Trip,旅の1コマ — admin @ 8:03 PM


A woman came to me and tried to sell the banana. I asked her to become a model for Mexico66.


A huge crowd formed around us quickly, because the place was the center of Marche. I couldn’t take a time to shoot photos. I handed over the pair of sneakers as my appreciation. The crowd of boo-bird turned into cheer-bird.

CABINE Onitsuka Tiger #2

Trip,旅の1コマ — admin @ 6:27 PM


Next morning, we put the sign and opened the Onitsuka Tiger’s cabin.
Let’s start photo shooting.


The red colored cabin is not common among local people. It attracted a lot of people quickly. From left, juice seller, shoe seller and cloth seller.


The sneakers are not for sell. But we succeeded to sell the detergent and some bottle of mineral water.


In the evening, it became a place where people can relax, and had a nice atmosphere.



After photo shooting, I handed over the money as my appreciation, and additional money for repainting the cabin.
However he’d like to keep it colored red and reopen the telephone cabin again with the money.

Then I said that I hope this red cabin always attract people as a place to relax. I shook hands with him.


Finally, I’d like to say thank you to Mr Kosuke Hirama. He was taking care of me in Western Africa as a coordinator and an interpreter. Surprisingly, he is the only Japanese who lives in Togo.Because of his network and his good relationships with locals, the cabin project was successful. Again, thank you so much, Kosuke!

CABINE Onitsuka Tiger #1

Trip,旅の1コマ — admin @ 5:01 PM


There is phone call shop called “telephone cabin” in Togo. It’s just a wooden blue box. You can call by telephone there and you can buy small stuff.


My friend Alex told me that there is unused telephone cabin in front of his house. His wife originally worked with it but they left the shop closed because of some reasons.
I asked Alex to let me use the cabin for photo shooting. He was willing to accept my request on condition that I repaint blue color the cabin after shooting. Let’s start.



I asked sign maker to finish my order within 2 days. I know it was too much. However he finished it very quickly.
Thanks a lot!


Trip,旅の1コマ — admin @ 4:29 PM


I wander around Marché. I stand out here because the color of my skin is different from others. Everyone calls me Yovo(means white…I’m yellow though…). I don’t know whether this is curiosity or hostile to me. While I’m reading the situation, I’m coming into the Marché.

wander around Lome

Trip,旅の1コマ — admin @ 4:21 PM


wander around Lome
I wander around Lome, the capital of Togo. The Asian really stand out anywhere in this country. I want to avoid standing out for shooting natural picture…I hang a camera around my neck and walk tall gracefully.

across the border

Trip,旅の1コマ — admin @ 3:23 PM


From freezing London, I crossed the equator and arrived at summer Ghana. I got the information that I can get Togolese visa at the border between Ghana and Togo. Then, I headed to the border by Taxi-Brousse(Western African shared-taxi). Although they asked bribes at checkpoint, I successfully dodged the demand with smile. They issued the visa valid 7 days for me and I got into Togo safely.


Trip,旅の1コマ — admin @ 2:09 AM


You can see a lot of surveillance cameras in London underground. When I took a photo there, the station staff showed up immediately. However, I sat in at the corner of the platform and passed off so many trains. it is easy to be skeptical about my attitude. I can’t complain… I felt uncomfortable by too many surveillance cameras everywhere in London, not only London Underground.

Wander around London

Trip,旅の1コマ — admin @ 2:53 AM


I wander around London. There were some things that I have to do. For example, I sent the parcel with the photo data that I shot, bought some HDD and prepared for Africa travel…

A footwear store in souq

Trip,旅の1コマ — admin @ 8:20 PM


I decided to take photos of sneakers in a footwear store in souq(Arabian local market).
Unfortunately, they didn’t speak English. So, I tried to communicate with gestures like
“I want to take photos with these sneakers at your shop!” They seemed they didn’t
get the meaning at all. But, they were kindly collaborated with me. I thought they might
feel pity for me… A strange Asian made them laugh. After I finished photo shooting,
I showed them some photos and handed over the small money as my appreciation to them. At the end, we all laughed.

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