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A founding board member of TAMGRAM >>

I believe directly meeting people throughout the world and seeing the way they live is the only way to have a neutral point of view. That is why I continue traveling and why I continue filming people throughout the world. I hope to capture in my work the image of the world’s existence just as I find it in my travels. By expressing “A World With the Lives of 6.7 Billion People”, I hope to create opportunities to find yourself in that world.


Filmmaking process is one of shooting simple film footage that captures the sense of time and place of life throughout the world. Specializing in a “lone backpacker” style of filming that requires no film crew. As a result of such light and nimble working style, has shot film footage in over 60 countries. Specializing in a unique process of creating rhythm and stories edited from raw footage. Creating a broad range of work unbound by media in film, photography and installation work.

1974 Born (Tokyo)
2003 Wandered Asia with 8mm camera in one hand
2004 Presented film “Too Far West Is East” made with footage from Asia trip
film was selected for inclusion in “resfest FILMfestival 2005” (part of global traveling show)
2006 Took round-the-world trip with goal of shooting footage for film work
2008 Returned in November after 2 years shooting in 50 countries
2008 Participated in 17th Earth Vision Environmental Film Festival (Tokyo)
2009 Participated in SONY ART BY CHANCE Short Film Festival (London)
2009 Held film exhibition “The Time of Journey” at NOS in Ebisu, Tokyo (November)
2009 Held film installation “The Time of World” at PLSMIS in Aoyama, Tokyo (December)

赤地剛幸  所属 : タングラム>>




1974 年 東京都生まれ。 2003 年 8mm カメラを片手にアジアを単身放浪。
2004 年 旅の記録をまとめた「Too far west is east」 を発表。
本作品はresfest FILMfestival 2005 ワールドツアーにセレクトされ世界中で高い評価を受ける。
2006 年 作品制作のために世界をまわる撮影旅行へ出発
2008 年11 月 2 年間で50 ヵ国を撮影し帰国
2008 年 アースビジョン第17 回地球環境映画祭 (Tokyo)
2009 年 SONY ART BY CHANCE short film festival(London)
2009 年 写真展「The Time of Journey」@恵比寿NOS
2009 年 映像展 「The Time of Worid」@南青山PLSMIS
2010 年 Film installation 「Traveling Denim」@Levi’s 恵比寿ガーデンプレイス
2011年 Film installation 「Sync」@sense of wonder 茨城県笠間市笠間芸術の森公園
赤地剛幸は自分の周りにある「世界」と いうイメージを出来る限り広げる為に、旅をしながら人々の生活を記録し続けている。



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