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onitsuka tiger,Trip,旅の1コマ — admin @ 6:15 PM

MANY STEPS from Takayuki Akachi on Vimeo.




I announce my new work.
I traveled around the world to create the film which concept is “collecting the steps from all over the world and playing a music with the steps”.

All of us breathe in the same air and step on the same ground.

Now, I’m in Tokyo. I was struck by strong earthquake when I was preparing for the final check. Many friends around the world worried about my safety. I was so touched. My family, me and Tokyo are OK. But the people of disaster area are in deep sorrow still now. Not only that, they spend their days worrying about aftershocks, tsunami and nuclear reactor problem. I want to support the people through every means I can. And, I hope that they resume peaceful everyday life as soon as possible.
We have received warm support from all over the world. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

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wander around NewYork

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I reached my final destination of New York. It was so cold that I went to a second hand clothing store and bought a coat. I took many photos at the underground because I can not stay outside for a long time…


Well, I’m leaving for Japan.

Bolivian strings

onitsuka tiger,Trip,旅の1コマ — admin @ 8:36 PM

Bolivian Strings from Takayuki Akachi on Vimeo.


I took photos of the boy who was playing guitar on the bridge. He came here from the town called Potosi. He played guitar very well with only one string. I tipped him generously because I spent much time for shooting the film. Then he said “Gracias!!!”(Spanish “Thank you”) and left there.


After lunch, I found him in front of the symbolic church in the town again. He showed me some new strings with nice smile. It seemed like he has bought the strings by the money that I handed over.


He wore a typical Potosi vest and the color was so impressive. I asked him to become a model for the sneakers. It’s just as I thought. The vest and the Mexico66 were nice color matching.


After shooting, I presented the Mexico66 to him as my appreciation. I cannot forget his smile. The old sneakers were too small to wear for him.

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